Marriage & Family Life 

Providing the support and skills needed to help them live out this plan in their daily lives.

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Upon completion of the course you will receive a “Certificate of Participation from the Diocese to give to give to the Priest officiating at your wedding.

To receive your certificate you must attend the course for the full day.

Marriage Preparation sis design to help you learn and grow, both  individually and as a couple through the talks given by the presenting speakers.

What to Expect on the Day

Expect to have a better time than you think you will!! 

We look forward to meting you along with the other couples who will be taking part. 

Location of Courses

St Augustine's Parish Church.

12 Dundyvan Road, Langloan, Coatbridge, ML5 1DQ.

Start Time: 9:30 am
Finish Time: 4:30 pm
Cost: £50.00 per Couple
Includes Materials and Lunch