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Supporting couples & families in their Christian vocation. Proposing the Gospel of the Family in today’s world.

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How to prepare for marriage in the Catholic Church.

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Help couples and individuals understand God’s Plan for Marriage and Family Life by:

  • Providing the support and skills needed to help them live out this plan in their daily lives.

  • Affirming the sacredness of life, the sanctity of marriage, the sacramentality of the family and a Christian lifestyle.

  • Promoting the Catholic vision of the family as “the Domestic Church” and a “school of holiness.”

  • Providing formation and continuing support in the areas of Marriage Preparation, Marriage Enrichment and Natural Family Planning.

  • Empowering families to share their faith in the home, parish, workplace and in the community.

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Fr. Michael Kane

Fr. Michael Kane


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25th April 2020

Due to the current circumstances booking of all courses have been suspended.

For those who are due to marry before 1st October 2020:

You should make contact with your Parish Priest so that he may fulfil the obligations of preparing you for marriage. Please do not re-register for a later course. Please also note that marriage preparation is a legal requirement for Marriage in the Catholic Church. This must now be completed individually by your Parish Priest before your wedding takes place. Finally please email: so we can refund your fee.

For those scheduled to marry after 1st October 2020: 

You are invited to email so you can be re-registered onto a later course. 

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